FAT BACK BAND (Are you Ready to do the Bus Stop?) - Entwurf [SS 2020]

FAT is back. For the first time since 2014 its three protagonists, older if not necessarily wiser, have come together to run a studio and mess with the institutional mind. We will be doing all kinds of interesting and exciting things that will teach you new methods, awaken interests that you were not aware you had, and make new connections between architecture, drawing, making and thinking.
The central theme that will run like a thread through all we do is the relationship between architecture and representation. What is the boundary between architectural representation and the real? When does a drawing or an object become architectural? How are the methods we use to represent architecture determinant factors in defining the kind of architectures we make? Is architecture itself a form of representation? What ideas do the various forms of architectural representation include and what aspects of reality do they exclude?
For us, these are fundamental questions about the nature of architecture, its means of production and the methods by which it communicates itself to the world. And what a world of intrigue lies within these apparently innocent relationships between architecture, drawings, objects and models. For in amongst the seemingly obviously identities between architecture and drawings of architecture are secret domains where degenerate philosophies and frenzied making interweave, where dirty politics and dirtier art stand off and where deep pop culture and shallow historical interpretation intersect. We are interested in exposing these snarling entanglements to the light, in unravelling their dialectics and in revealing their hidden dimensions. We will be doing this through the acts of making strange drawings, creating eccentric objects and somehow fashioning an unnatural architecture.
But there is method in this madness. We will teach strategies and tactics which will help you uncover the evidence, to draw on the hidden depths of your imaginations, and to create powerful architectural outcomes that explore the political dimension of space, the meaningful depth of the surface and the making of things of terrible beauty. And we will do this by studying lines, objects, materials, symbols, histories, some of which we will make, some of which we will steal, some of which we will copy and which will be analysed through the lenses of scale, juxtaposition, repetition, superimposition, hybridisation amongst other things.

FAT ABKMarianne MüllerNatalie Weinmann