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Ecological Design Thinking

Ecological Design Thinking

Klasse für Gebäudetechnologie und Klimagerechtes Entwerfen
LBA Aarti Dhingra, M.Sc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design
Prof. Matthias Rudolph

A Worldview (Weltanschauung) is a fundamental set of belief systems about reality that shape any individual or society’s perception, thinking, knowledge, and action. The aim of this course is to introduce a paradigm shift from the predominant Cartesian Worldview to the Ecological Worldview. This is done by introducing an implicit, interconnected understanding of social-ecological phenomena linked with the built environment. Through lectures, readings, and case studies, students will dive into perspectives of ecological communities, learn about indigenous knowledge and technology, and develop an understanding of how human-nature relationships function in the Ecological Worldview. Tools such as systems thinking, embodied experiences which value intuition as a form of knowledge, non-verbal communication, clay, and mixed media will be introduced to discover, understand, and acknowledge aspects of ecological kinship through intersectional narratives. Students will then bring this understanding into their own context and positionality. Through the course, students will develop one personal project in the form of a mixed media journal and one group studio project which exhibits the collective unfolding of the research. The seminar and studio exercises will culminate into a documentation of personal and collective critical inquiry on how climate change, environmental degradation, and the varied activities of the Anthropocene are impacting social-ecological systems. More detailed information will be available on the website gt.abk-stuttgart.de the ABK Moodle-platform.


Dozent*in/Prüfer*in: Prof. Matthias Rudolph, LBA Aarti Dhingra, M.Sc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design

Zeit (Time): Fr 14-17 Uhr, Kick-off F r . 28.04.2023, 14.00 Uhr

Ort/Raum: Neubau 1, Raum 208

Teilnehmerzahl: max. 12

Anmeldung zur Teilnahme (Registration)  matthias.rudolph@abk-stuttgart.de

Geöffnet für Hörer*innen anderer Studiengänge: ja

Weitere Anmerkungen: The Seminar will use ‚blended learning’, a mixture between on-site lectures / meetings as well as Online-Teaching. 

Language: English

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